Transformational Leader
You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?
– Rumi

Become a Transformational Leader and Watch Your Business Fly

Are you living your full potential? Are you bringing out the best of your team? Are you empowering them to their fullest potential? Is your work life in harmony with your personal life? Employees today, more than ever, are seeking purpose driven work that provides fulfillment on many levels. That vision, direction, and communication starts with executive leadership. It starts with you. At Cnergist, with both a practical business history and a holistic approach, we are uniquely positioned to support you in your quest for transformational, conscious leadership.

Cnergist helps you



Align with your purpose


Clarify and align with your purpose and connect to your essence. Operate from your zone of genius and make a difference by bringing out your gifts to the world.

light bulb


Ignite ideas and concepts


Think outside of the box, identify and remove your self-imposed limitations and allow your flow of creativity and insight to manifest your highest vision.



Share your successes


Participate in the dance of giving and receiving.  Operate from an abundant mindset and enjoy sharing your success and let it multiply.

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Book: Path to Freedom

Many of today’s leaders, CEO’s and executives live their lives in a state of rush. Rush to catch up with time, rush to make more money, rush to stay ahead of the competition, rush to climb upthe ladder and gain more power and prestige. This state of rush often leads to chronic stress, unfulfilled relationships, health issues, and more. This book offers a new possibility where you not only can lead a fulfilling life, but also can be more successful in your field of focus beyond your expectations. Path to Freedom, offers a practical set of insights and guidelines to help you discover and live your purpose, and lead a life of joy, impact, and abundance.


10 Practices of Concious Leadership

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