Transformational Holistic
Results Based.

My work is transformational, holistic and results based.

Why Cnergist

We help you transform yourself and your team’s effectiveness to a whole new level by creating clarity, alignment and creative collaboration, generating results beyond your expectations.

We look at the whole, tap into your strengths, and focus on creating results that were once unimaginable. We have created a systematic process that has proven to deliver results. Once we engage, we are an extension of your team and work with you side-by-side to deliver results. We use a customized combination of individual sessions, group sessions, intensive workshops and offsites, assessments and engagement tools, as well as spot coaching to be by your side at all times and help you bring your vision to reality.

Why Cnergist
If you are not driven from the inside, you are driven from the outside.
– Nader Vasseghi

What We Believe

Conscious leadership is an inside job and is at the heart of making a transformative impact. Our mission is to help transform leaders, teams and businesses to bring out their full potential and to help them operate at their peak performance. We are serial entrepreneurs at heart. We have gone through ups and downs, successes and failures personally. And we have an intrinsic drive to share our insights and experiences to make a positive impact in people’s lives, and to serve, one person at a time, one organization at a time.

What You Get

At the individual level

we help you identify your blind spots and overcome your self-limiting beliefs, so you can enter and stay at your optimum zone. You will gain more insight into your strengths to better bring out your gifts. We help you connect with your essence, live your purpose, access your creative genius within and manifest your vision.

At the team level

we work with you and your team to bring out the best in every member. We help create and maintain a high performing, cohesive team, where the magic of aligned teamwork and creative collaboration comes to life. Your team will reach a whole new level of cohesion, accountability, and performance.

At the Business level

we help you drive your business to a new level of success and scale. This may include funding strategies, business scaling, revenue generation opportunities, and strategic positioning and partnerships. We help you tap into the infinite possibilities and bring out the highest vision and true potential of your business into reality.

Meet Nader

Nader is an Executive Coach, entrepreneur, venture partner, and author based in Silicon Valley, California. His mission is to transform and elevate the lives of business leaders and high achievers to help them lead a life of joy, impact and abundance. He is the founder of SelfOptima Inc. a web platform for optimal health, and the founder and CEO of AuroraNetics which was acquired by Cisco. Nader has over 35 years of experience in executive roles in public and private companies. He served as an adjunct professor at Palo Alto University, Business Psychology program. He is an author, speaker, workshop leader, Vistage chair, musician, and energy medicine practitioner. His approach emphasizes a holistic view of leading a life of joy, impact and abundance.

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About Conscious Leadership

Imagine a ladder; call it a conscious leadership ladder. At the bottom of the ladder, one operates from the position of ego; it is all about me, the world revolves around me. It is an egocentric mindset. As long as I win, all is OK. At the top of the ladder, it is all about serving, about elevated awareness and consciousness, about oneness and connectedness. There is a quality of inclusion, creativity, and collaboration, driven by a cause beyond the egoic self. The role of the conscious leader is to be mindful of their conversations, thoughts, and feelings and to notice which part of the ladder they’re operating from at any given time.

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