Many of us are running our lives as what I call “functional zombies”. We follow the expected daily routines and obligations perfectly well, we even meet all the eternal measures of success, but when we dig in, we find ourselves numb and dead inside. We find signs of chronic stress, broken relationships, health issues, lack of meaning and purpose, and a general sense of unhappiness and unrest.

3-legged stool

In my personal experience, and in working with my clients, I have discovered that to create a truly fulfilling and balanced life, three ingredients of joy, impact and abundance need to be present simultaneously. It is like a 3-legged stool, where if one of the legs is weak or short, the structure is not stable. It is living inside the intersection of these three key ingredients that a life of flow and fulfillment is achieved. The state of rush for constantly doing more is shifted to a state of being in the flow, where thoughts, words and actions are synergistically and harmoniously aligned toward a meaningful purpose. In this state of being, we gain access, and operate from, our own innate creativity, wisdom and resourcefulness. We get to push less and get more done.

Joy, Impact, and Abundance

When we lack the joy aspect in our lives, we seem to conduct a mechanical and dull life. When we lack the impact aspect, we seem to conduct a life void of meaning and purpose and may feel empty inside. When we lack the abundance aspect, we seem to constantly struggle with limitations, restrictions, and financial pressures.

Light up our hearts

For each of these three dimensions, there is an underlying character that can light up our hearts. The underlying character for joy is beauty. By connecting to the beauty within and without, we invoke a state of joy in us. The underlying character for impact is strength. Through tapping into and acting on our creativity, we turn our strength into impact.  The underlying character for abundance is love. When we celebrate life and participate in the dance of giving and receiving, we invite into our lives more of what we are appreciating. These underlying characters are like roots of a tree. They are the energy sources that feeds and nourishes the tree. Joy, impact, and abundance are the fruits, the outward manifestations of these underlying characters. As conscious leaders, we are invited to raise our awareness to this unfolding, and lead our lives at the intersection of joy, impact, and abundance.

About Nader:

Nader is an Executive Coach, entrepreneur, and author based in Silicon Valley, California. His mission is to transform and elevate the lives of business leaders and high achievers to live on purpose and make a positive impact in the world. Nader was the founder and CEO of AuroraNetics which was acquired by Cisco, and has over 35 years of experience in executive roles in public and private companies. He served as an adjunct professor at Palo Alto University, Business Psychology program. He is an author, speaker, workshop leader, award winning musician, and energy medicine practitioner. His approach emphasizes conscious leadership principles and a holistic view of leading a life of joy, impact, and abundance.


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