Executive Coaching

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Conscious leadership is an inside job, and it all starts from YOU!

Life at the top can be difficult at times. Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and executives can feel very lonely and confused at times. There are many set backs and hurtles to overcome. We have been there, and done that. And we are here to help and map out a path to your hero’s journey. We help identify blockages and limitations, and help you find your way to your greatness.

Private Executive Coaching Programs

I typically start with half a day intensive to assess your current reality, identify gaps and areas of improvement as well as create your vision board. We then agree on a game plan over a period of time (typically 6-12 months) to achieve desired objectives. Some of the areas of focus may include

  • Transforming confusion and doubt to clarity and confidence.

  • Accessing your creative genius.

  • What it takes to be a conscious leader.

  • Stress resilience and mindfulness.

  • Living on purpose: Discover and follow your calling.

  • Walking on your hero’s journey, courageously.

  • Turning conflicts into stepping stones.

  • Live your optimum health.

  • Leading a lift of Joy, Impact and Abundance.

  • Enter your flow state and stay in your optimum zone.

Other Services


Leadership Development

The quality and synergy of the team by far is the most critical indicator of success. We help teams to reach and perform at their peak performance levels.


Business Strategy

We work with you to design a plan of action and together deliver results. We help transform your business to operate at a new level. You will get results faster.

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