Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Each Private Executive Coaching program is customized to your and your organization’s needs. You can expect a typical engagement to start with several assessments, followed by an intensive session to explore your current reality, identify gaps and limitations, explore areas of improvement, as well as create your highest vision and best desired outcome. We then agree on a game plan over a period of time (typically 6-12 months) to upgrade your leadership capabilities to a new level of performance, operate from your zone of genius, and create results beyond your expectations. A typical engagement plan may include:

  • Assessment (personality, team, leadership etc.)

  • Visioning of the desired future state
  • Understanding and addressing gaps, inhibitions, and limitations
  • Moving up the conscious leadership ladder
  • Raising awareness toward mindsets, beliefs, and assumptions

  • Connecting to your purpose and tapping into your zone of genius

  • Integration of creative insights into your day-to-day life

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