Cnergist offers organizations and teams a variety of interactive workshops on key topics. These workshops can be conducted in as little as 1 ½ hours to half a day session. They can also be grouped into a curriculum as an intensive learning and leadership development experience.

Workshop modules include:

Conscious Leadership

  • What and why?
  • Leadership levels and models
  • Climbing the conscious leadership ladder
  • Making an impact. Being on purpose.
  • Work-life harmony

Communication styles

  • Includes DISC personality assessment
  • Natural styles of relating
  • Overused tendencies
  • Style flexibility
  • Team dynamics

Organizational Health

  • 5 dysfunctions of a team
  • Organizational clarity
  • Ideal team player
  • Team synergy
  • Alignment

Authentic Communication

  • Deep listening
  • Curiosity vs judgement
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Navigating conflicts
  • Intent vs impact

Conscious Listening

  • Are we truly listening?
  • Trap of agree or disagree
  • Barriers to listening
  • Close versus open mindset
  • The art of conscious listening

The Collaborative Way

  • Guiding principles
  • Operating model
  • Individual versus team goals
  • Creative collaboration
  • Working for “good”

Creativity and Innovation

  • Unleashing our creative genius
  • Creative vs reactive
  • Going outside our comfort zone
  • Risk taking and fear of failure
  • Culture of creativity

Taking Ownership

  • Owner vs victim
  • Growth vs fixed mindset
  • Response-ability
  • Being a creative force
  • Making a difference

Leading by Agreement

  • Expectation versus Agreements
  • Turning complaints to requests
  • Anatomy of an agreement
  • Dealing with broken agreements
  • Creating mutual accountability

Culture of Accountability

  • Vision-strategy-execution
  • Commitment vs Compliance
  • Leading by agreement – Building credibility
  • Single most important goal
  • Coherence and alignment

Leadership Fundamentals I (People)

  • Care, Connect and Coordinate
  • Power of Positive Reinforcement
  • Delegating, empowering and supporting
  • Right people on the right seats of the bus
  • Guiding and mentoring

Leadership Fundamentals II (Projects)

  • Goal setting and priorities
  • Project management, time management
  • Roles, goals and responsibilities
  • Delivering results that count
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Effective Meetings

  • Importance of honest conversations
  • Intention & desired outcome
  • Structure – Players and guidelines
  • Tactical or strategic nature
  • Follow-up mechanism

Strategic Thinking

  • Winning strategy
  • Leverage factor
  • Hedgehog concept
  • Flywheel concept
  • Linear versus exponential growth

Multiplier Effect

  • Overworked and underutilized
  • Developing impact players
  • Multiplier mindset
  • Multiplier disciplines
  • Multiplier culture

Taking it to the next level

  • Operating in your zone of genius
  • Your superpowers and core competencies
  • Creating value as you grow
  • Vision: who do you want to be, and why
  • Personal mission in alignment with Company vision
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