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It has been a privilege having the opportunity to work with Nader as my Executive Coach.  One of the greatest insights I have learned from Nader is to push myself outside of my comfort zone.  If we allow ourselves to stay comfortable, growth will cease.  When I push myself to be in an uncomfortable state, is when transformation occurs.  Furthermore, it’s not about the destination, but most importantly about the journey.  This has translated not only to my professional life, but also to my personal life. I have learned that by letting go of outcomes, it enables me to fully experience the present and enjoy the process.

Daniel AndeelDANIEL ANDEEL, VP Sales of Mountz Inc.

Nader is a gifted “conscious” leader who delivers valuable wisdom and guidance which has helped increase both my personal and business growth.  He has encouraged me to go outside of my comfort level and develop creative solutions for sticky problems, as well as focus energy to generate a more positive impact on my life as well as those around me.  I would recommend Nader for any leader that is seeking to live a more abundant and authentic life.

Michael KeerMICHEAL KEER, Founder and CEO of Product Realization Group

Nader is a compassionate, approachable and candid coach. Working with him over the last two and half years has been instrumental in the growth of our business as well as refinement of our leadership culture. His approach to leadership coaching is conscious and holistic. Nader has helped me dig deep into the makings of my mindset and decision making process over the years. One major breakthrough that I had over a year ago was learning that I tended to make decisions from a place of fear to always reduce risk instead of making long term growth oriented decisions. This mindset shift, facilitated by Nader’s nurturing, has helped me navigate major shifts in the business in the middle of a 100 year pandemic. I am truly grateful that I get to work with and learn from Nader.

I highly recommend Nader as an executive coach for anyone looking to step up their leadership skills.

Mo FaisalMO FAISAL, Founder and CEO of Mevellus

“Nader Vasseghi is a blessing to those who desire the challenge of transformation. His business acumen expertly supports executives and teams, extracting purpose and meaning over hubris and felicitations. Understated and humble, Nader is a powerful resource and presence for any CEO or team seeking more than just financial results. He is a true mentor. An expert facilitator. Invested and willing to challenge, while enforcing a “carefrontational” approach, Nader withholds nothing. Like a dear and trusted friend who asks you to look into a mirror to see things for what they are, Nader will put you on a collision course to unlock your full potential and purpose on this earth. Enjoy the journey!”

brad mountzBRAD MOUNTZ, President/CEO Mountz, Inc.

“Nader has been my coach and mentor for well over a year. His advise and feedback has been hugely beneficial to me and my startup. He has helped with strategy, hiring and personnel issues. Highly recommended.”

oliverOLIVER GUNASEKARA, Founder and CEO NGCodec

“Nader has been a serial entrepreneur and executive who has gone through ups and downs, successes and failures. His unique blend of experience combined with his commitment to bring the best of leaders and organizations, makes him an effective and insightful executive coach.”


“Keri Systems has been working with Nader Vasseghi for about 9 months. He has proved to be an invaluable resource in helping to implement strategy, improve company culture and identify threats and opportunities that we knew about but also many of which we weren’t aware. I strongly believe he would be a valuable adviser to any executive or leadership team.”

kenKEN GEIZLER, President and CEO of Keri Systems

“Nader Vasseghi has been equally valuable as a personal mentor in addition to business and career coach. I believe that tactics and strategy are important – and Nader is a terrific coaching partner to my business in this regard. But if you recognize that your attitudes, thought patterns and communication style are just as important as tactics and strategy, then you would appreciate the transformative scope of Nader’s approach. Transformation of my business starts with me and I trust Nader wholeheartedly to walk with me on this journey.”

tom crowfordTOM CRAWFORD, Partner, Calibre One

Coaching with Nader has been my miracle and a Gift from up above, to say the least!

The Healing and Self-love that I am experiencing is Priceless!

Work has changed from stressful and depressing to a daily Inspiration and Boundless Joy. My personal life journey took a new turn… to a path of Love, Acceptance and Self-Exploration. The Healing from within opened my heart to the beauty and wisdom around me.

Nader’s style of coaching is very supportive, encouraging and focused on measurable results. He helped me see a different perspective on every situation in work and personal life which led to immense growth on many levels. His astute advice on Business helped me find my true purpose in my work. The beauty of this journey with Nader is his gentle style of bringing awareness to behaviors that sabotage success and joy.

His guidance with Team Development brought massive uplifting results with my work.

Words fall short in expressing my Gratitude to a transformed and Inspired Life of Purpose and Fulfillment. I feel Alive again!!!

kiran 1Kiran Rapal DDS, Cosmetic and General Dentist
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